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Annual Statement

Annual Statement

WE are please to say North West House of Refuge is one of the rare if not the first Refugee Led organisation that serve the forcibly displaced and stateless persons in the province of North West province covering: Rustenburg,  Koster, Swartgeens, Zeerust, Mafikeng Flyberg

We will like to thanked COHERE, Lego Foundation, South Africa Refugee Led Network, Individual Donor for your support and donation

With the Grant of COHERE,we have run a successful  Refugee Kids  Project Title:  Scalable Community-Led Learning through Play for Refugee Children.

66 Refugees kids are enrolled in this programe, whereby after scholl, a bus pick them up, as they arrive in the center, a meal is serve before learners to start the home works after work done, they join the playground to play  and at 17 hours  parent or gardian arrive to collect their kids. This is amazing program that has been applaud for good results report kids got an well being Refugee parents have testified.

We will like to say big thanks to COHERE,

We assisted :

  • 472 Refugee and Asylum Seekers with Documentation Renewal issue online
  • 160 familles with food parcel distribution
  • We organized one dialogues one with South Africa Human Right commission Rankelenyane village around Rustenburg. More that 800 people gathering, Refugees, migrants and host community
  • One community gathering with UNHCR in Rustenburg for 4 communities, Ethiopia, Somali, Congolese, Burundian,

2024, we have 4 project to be operating as we trust our partners

  • sewing Training  project for vulnerable unemployed women and girls
  • Support for autistic children and their parent project
  • GbV training and awareness to the Refugees living in the Mining Areas
  • Livelihood project
  • We have the intention to reopen our Shelter this year that have capacity of 10 person of concern(POCs)

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